Friday, March 9, 2018

March 9, 2018

It's already March - and almost my birthday. Scary to think how old I am getting but I am also much healthier than I have been for the past few months ago.

I had a bit of a sinus set-back during the winter - more post nasal drip and coughing. Turns out I had fungus in my other sinus My sinus doc vacuumed it clean and put in some meds. After taking various mucus thinning and trying drugs that didn't seem to help, I started a daily saline lavage which has made the biggest difference. I still cough up nasty phlegm - but not that much. My peak flows vary depending on how phlegmy I am but some are pretty much at the top of my range.

Good news on the dental front - My dentist  put a temporary crown on my faulty 3-6 molar last week and it seems to be working. He thinks that I don't need a root canal because I have already done one myself - filling up the root with calcium. If this temporary cap lasts for a couple of years he may even put a proper crown on it. It the meantime, I am off to the periodontis next week for the next step in getting implants in my upper right (2-4 and 2-5).  The final crowns will come next September - more than a year since I started this. Getting the temporary cap really lifted my spirits and made me think I could get back to my old normal. Nothing like the feel of a mouth (nearly) full of teeth,

Eyesight - not great. Could not read the handheld compass today. Could barely focus on the compass part and absolutely could not ocus on the distant object I was trying to take a bearing on. We were trying to swing our new ship's compass and I could not do my part. It made me very mad. I am supposed to be getting my cataracts fixed in May but in the meantime my eyesight gets worse and worse every day. Why do I have to wait?

It is odd when you are older. People seem to think you don't care you are going blind or that you just want any old thing any old time to improve your eyesight. You get beaten down and start thinking you are the problem and should put up with all the inconveniencest like a "brave little soldier." No-one is born old and, believe me, the problems that happen to your body when you get older are what make you old. It's very frustrating.

But I am hopeful. Hopeful enough that Mike and I have put down some money on a trip around Mexico next winter and we are going to Crystal Cove next week - whether I can see, chew or breath - or not. 

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