Friday, December 15, 2017


Unfortunately the increased pulmicort which I mentioned in my last post did not stop the phlegm.  I started feeling really sore all over and felt really tired. I still had lots of postnasal drip. Last week I saw both my asthma doc and my sinus doc.

Asthma- My pulmonary function test indicated I was at 74% - not terrible but not good. My asthma doctor recommended sporanox but said it was up to me when I started. He also started me on a new spiriva dispenser.

Sinus - When my sinus doc looked into my upper left sinus with his scope he found fungus. Lots of it. I had my eyes shut so didn't see it on the monitor but Mike said there was plenty. My doc did the usual wash out - shooting "water"  up into my sinus to loosen and dislodge it. What a mess! It hurt a lot but was worth it. At the end he said I must start taking sporanox.

So the next day I started daily sporanox. I was so afraid of constipation that I added 3 scoops of metamucil to my daily routine. It worked! Yippee! No constipation!

I have now been on sporanox for a week. Things are definitely improved but I am not completely better - still phlegmy and some coughing but no more awful body aches and headaches.   My peak flows are in the 90% range so this is very good. Most days I have more energy than before - though one day I was so tired I actually cried with exhaustion at dinner. Sporanox can make you seriously depressed and it can cause congestive heart failure which makes you feel really tired. I don't think those were my problems but I sure was tired and lacking normal resilience.

So - Severe Asthma is not only about the symptoms but also about the side effects of the drugs you need to keep on breathing.

I'm carrying on and hoping all my symptoms really go away.

(PS Our pup is turning out to be a great little dog. I now have the energy to do training with him and he is learning to sit, sit-stay, down, roll-over, touch, watch me and walk pretty well on a loose leash - not yet a heal. He also comes to his name. We'll see how well this holds up at puppy kindergarten tomorrow.)


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