Wednesday, October 4, 2017

16 days after surgery

WThe weather has gone back to being sunny and fairly mild (high 16 c). It is so lovely to look out the big front windows and see Departure Bay, Newcastle Island and other islands beyond. There is usually a breeze and some of the maples are showing signs of changing colour. Good weather makes it so easy to put on a jacket and go for a walk. The most I have walked so far in a day is 6.6 km (8800 steps). I believe walking is fairly easy for me because I always liked  to walk. My brain is geared toward walking almost like a default. It was a little more explainable when we had Lexy: "oh time to take Lexy for a walk." Now it's "I need to walk to keep my systems functioning." But really I just want to walk.

I think I have inadvertently fallen into a fairly good mental state.  I am not worried and I do not have pain. It really is about living day by day. I have only a few things I must do each day.  Every morning I have my Fragmin injection to prevent another DVT.  I stick the needle in to a fattish part of my thigh and Mike presses the plunger which pops out a cover so the needle is covered when it come out. Mike makes me a fried egg etc for breakfast. I drink as much juice and ginger ale during the day as i can and eat as much food as I can. I think I must have at least one bowel movement and lots of pees. I drink a glass of Metamucil before bed - but having a good poop is still a worry. My diet is low fibre and I miss not having bran buds each day. Then we do at least 4 good walks per day. Sometimes we bump into friends which is always uplifting. In between I read my book and later in the evening maybe  watch a little TV which can be quite relaxing. I look at my paintings hung around the house and think how I could improve them. I am strong enough to dab away with a paint brush but could not yet put any thought into what I was doing so won't do that for awhile. So bit by bit I am using my reasoning brain to get better and am keeping on a fairly level emotional level. I don't think I will crash.

Mike meanwhile is taking care of everything and reading about puppy training. It is 4 weeks since we had the vet euthanize our poor little Lexy. I cried a lot at time because I knew it was the end of an era although I didn't know then that I would need surgery. But for life to go on we have to change - often in ways we don't really want to.  So there you go. Change is the only constant and what was normal yesterday may not be normal today

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