Sunday, September 17, 2017

Surgery tomorrow

So here I am - noon on Sunday Sept 17, 2017. If all goes well, this time tomorrow my surgery will be over and I may even be out of the recovery room and in my bed at NRGH.

What surgery? It's called a bowel resection and means that my surgeon will be removing a section of my large intestine to get rid of the strange "sigmoid mass" which has grown in the lower section (formerly I called it a polyp.) The colonoscopy showed that it was abnormal. the surgery will show what that actually means. If it's cancer I will have to have chemo. I sure do hope it's not.

In the meantime, my CT scan showed that I do not have any cancer anywhere else. This is a really good sign that all should be well. The CT itself included dye - which I had never had before. It was pretty benign - I could feel the warmth from the dye as I lay in the scanner. When I got home I ate some breakfast, went for a walk and then ate some lunch. After lunch I felt so tired, I decided to lie down in bed and I fell into a deep warm sleep. I got up for a few minutes, still felt tired and went back to sleep - same thing a couple of hours later. By dinner time the drug seemed to have worn off and I ate dinner and watched TV.  That was 2 Fridays ago.

Tuesday I had my appointment with my surgeon. He simply said I have to have surgery, showed me a diagram and said I wouldn't miss the section they cut out and that the two ends would be stapled together and then stuck back in. It will be done laproscopically which means no big incision like the one I had for my gallbladder almost 50 years ago. Just a few holes. The surgery should only be moderately painful and recovery should be much faster than my gallbladder. In fact recovery seems to be all about having your first fart - a sign that your bowels are getting back in action. This, in turn, can be speeded up by getting up at least 3 times a day and walking around. If I can. I will get up more than three times. Nausea and recovery can also be improved be chewing sugarless gum. There's also coughing to clear you lungs after the unaesthetic. That's about all I know.

I went to two appointments - one a pre-surgery with a nurse and one one with an anaesthesiologist. There are two other big things to do. One is to completely empty my bowels again. The other is to have a good wash with a special sponge the night before and the morning of. Also only clear liquids startitng the night before (last night.)

I just took my bowel purging preparation - pico salax. It didn't require any extra drinking and was only a small cup of orange flavoured liquid. Nothing has happened yet but I feel a bit gassy. I should have a few watery bowel movements soon. I hope - hope - hope I don't get nauseated again.

Tomorrow I check in at Admitting at 6 am. I just take my care card, glasses and symbicort. Mike will take my clothes home. Wne i am in my room Mike will bring me a bag with a few basic necessities including pulmicort, tooth brush, slippers. I'm expected to be in hospital for about 5 days - really until the first fart so could be sooner or later. Not much you can do to get that happening except get a bit active.

Ho do I feel? I'm basically pretty scared, pretty annoyed and pretty grateful that this mass was discovered before it got out hand (I hope). If Annilee hadn't sent me for an ultrasound and my DVT hadn't seen pink poops I would not have asked for a fit test and this could have gone undetected for a long time. I am sort of annoyed that the doctor I first called about the pink poops didn't alert me to fact that there could be a problem and I left it for 6 months before I asked my GP for a fit test. I am also a bit annoyed that it took more than 3 months for me to get my colonoscopy after the fit test came back positive. Hopefully the whole thing is so slow growing it won't make much difference.

I am so grateful to Mike and my kids and other relatives for being very supportive. Mike and I went to a jazz concert last night. When this is over I hope we do a lot more stuff like that - singing, skating, RVing, supporting Asthma Canada, going to the opera and visiting friends and relatives - PLUS getting back to painting in a serious way.   I am so grateful I don't have any nausea right now and hope it stays that way. Bring on the poops. There's no turning back and I just have to do it.

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