Thursday, September 28, 2017

Surgery now done

My surgery is done and I came home yesterday. It was a pretty arduous experience because I had a setback on about the third day. Up until then I was doing ok and even eating light foods.  I remember chicken soup the first night. Apparently on the second night my stomach stopped draining and fluid built up. I got quite swollen and had bad pain. To fix this required a gn tube - gastric nasal - inserted through my nose and down my throat to my stomach. It had a pump which suctioned the stuff out of my stomach and into a container. It could be turned off when I needed to go to the toilet. While I had the gn, I could not eat or drink anything except ice chips and I  was sometimes in pain plus nausea. Apparently the drugs I took were 10 times more powerful than morphine and definitely worked. The tube have me a sore throat and made it hard to swallow pills. I think it might have damaged my throat because phlegm would build up and make me cough. A lot. It still happens occasionally.

I was a bit slow passing gas - required before I could eat. I walked the busy halls - I called it "walking for a fart" - either with Mike or alone.  Mike was so great and came in 4 times a day - sometimes just to sit and hold my hand.  He kept in touch with everyone. Elspeth came for a visit on Saturday which was really wonderful. I think it was Monday when I  had my first fart. Yippee!

My room had 4 patients. One of them was there when I arrived and still there when I left - poor thing. She didn't walk much but avidly read library books. She lived alone so had a lot to deal with. Another notable patient was a tourist from Italy who didn't speak English and had had to have surgery on her broken ankle.

Finally the gn came out and the next day I could eat lunch and dinner. The day after - which was yesterday - I had my first poop and was allowed to leave that morning

It is so great to be home and get away from the horrible hospital smell. Especially the really stinky toilet. All the nurses were very kind and professional which made it bearable. But at home it is bright and sunny. Just lovely. And Mike cooks great meals. I am so hungry especially for meat. Overall I lost 8 lbs so am a bit weak , gaunt and covered in bruises. I have to inject fragmin once a day to keep from getting a DVT. That's enough for today.  Tomorrow I see my GP and hope he doesn't have any bad news like I had cancer. What is is - so I won't worry.

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