Thursday, September 7, 2017

CT scan tomorrow

My asthma is fine but I'm not sure about my gut. I have my CT scan tomorrow and now also have an appointment next Tuesday with my new specialist - a general surgeon here in Nanaimo. I am not consciously worried but kind of numb to the whole thing.

Tuesday was a sad day because we took Lexy to the vet to have her "put down." She had congestive heart failure and was so sick - coughing and coughing and swollen up like a water melon with fluid. On Saturday something had happened to one of her back legs and she could not put weight on it. She did adapt to this and could get around - but we knew she was suffering and would never get better. The vet was very kind and Lexy died very peacefully - but I miss her really a lot and could actually cry right now just thinking of her. We have cleaned up all her stuff - mats, dishes, leashes, etc and taken her special food to the SPCA. Now we are getting used to life without a dog.

I fear that my colon issues and Lexy's death have got mixed up in my mind. I hope I don't have anything awful and will try to be stoic about it.

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