Monday, September 4, 2017

Colonoscopy Part 2

It is now almost a week since I last posted about prepping for my colonoscopy. It turned out to be pretty horrible - not the colonoscopy itself (which wasn't that bad) but the remainder of the prepping.

I finished drinking the 3 litres of clear fluid and then started in on the CoLyte ( a more intense laxative that tasted like lavender flavoured plastic). At about the begining of the 3rd litre of CoLyte I started to feel nauseated. By then I had drunk 3 litres of clear fluids and 2 litres of CoLyte. Looking back I am sure this was too much.

Suddenly, as I started the 10th cupful of CoLyte, I vomited ... and vomited and vomited - fountains of pale orange clear fluid all over the kitchen. After every fountain I could hear myself say, "Oh dear."  I then determinedly tried to take my next cupful and it started again - in both directions this time. Mike called the nurse line and the nurse said to stop drinking the stuff. I should feel OK in an hour. Unfortunately this did not happen. I kept vomiting about every 45 minutes all night long.  Around 6 am Mike called the nurse line again and the nurse determined I was moderately to severely dehydrated, So much for getting hydrated by drinking all that clear fluid. It had actually had the opposite effect. We went to Emergency around 7 am and I got a saline drip and some anti-nausea drugs and felt much less nauseated. We went home and I finally got to bed and had a good sleep for about 3 hours. 

I didn't even get dressed to go back to the hospital for the procedure - just wore my pjs. Everything went pretty smoothly. I had another saline IV and around 2:30 I was wheeled into the procedure room and lightly sedated. I could see and hear what was going on. For example I could see what the scope was filming on the screen. It didn't hurt much or feel alarming. I don't know how long it took but when it was done Mike arrived and the doctor came to talk to both of us. He said they had found a polyp or mass that was too large to remove during the colonoscopy. It would be biopsied and I would have a CT scan. It would likely be non-cancerous or precancerous. I might need surgery. At least that is what I remember. He also said I could call his office any time. Hw seemed nice.

That night (Wednesday) I was still sedated but aware. I didn't sleep from about 12 to 3 but I wasn't alarmed. It was pretty hard to eat anything the next day because I still felt nauseated - but I did my best with toast and tea. My main activity was purging my closet of anything I hadn't worn for a year or two. The following night I had the best sleep in my life. The day after that I began to be able to eat normally and do normal stuff - like wash the outdoor furniture, (I seem to have purging into my system1) That evening my daughter and her family came for the night. They were taking our two oldest grandsons to a condo they had bought in Victoria. They were both going to U Vic this fall.

It is now Labour Day Monday. My daughter and her family have come and gone. I think I should be normal but I'm not as strong as I think I should be. It is pretty hot for Nanaimo - around 30. I have been doing some gardening but I find it quite tiring. Also I had a migraine aura without headache yesterday and another one today. I think they are caused by stress and may be what is zonking me out.

Our poor dog has taken a turn for the worse. She is suffering terminal congestive heart failure and has been coughing a lot for months. Despite all the drugs we give her she will not get better. On Saturday we took her for a 25 minute walk which seemed to go well. But when we got home, she had some kind of an episode and now cannot use one of her back legs.  It just hangs there limply and makes it hard for her to pee or poop because she doesn't have 2 hind legs to balance on. She has learned how to get around the house fairly well and still has a pretty good appetite but she is as zonked out as I am and I don't think she will ever go on another walk. We are thinking we may have to have her euthanized sooner than we had expected. Maybe even tomorrow.

The other thing that is happening tomorrow is I have an appointment with my optometrist to  see how my cataracts are doing. I feel my eyesight is pretty bad and find reading pretty difficult. So we'll see what tomorrow brings.


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