Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Mike bought me a fitbit on August 1 and I set it up the next day and have been using it ever since. My main aim is to walk 10,000 steps per day. I used to try to measure this with a much cheaper pedometer which I have had for years. I thought I had lost because it always popped off my waste band when I got changed, etc. How many times have I seen it skittering away in the BC Ferries ladies Room.

So now I have a fitbit alta. It is a bracelet with a watch face that you wear facing inwards. You do the setup on your smart phone. The most tricky part is getting the darn thing "buckled up."  There is no real buckle - just two little metal posts that have to be pressed into two small holes. I find this really hard to do because the skin on my wrist is a bit loose and I tend to pinch myself every time I try. However, I have persevered and seem to be getting the hang of it.

So far I have found it very motivational.  When you hit 10,000 steps, the fitbit buzzes and lights up. I have walked more than 10,000 steps most days since august 2 - with a couple of almost 9000 plus days.  I got a message on my phone just now saying I had completed a marathon - 42 km in one week. 

Regular exercise is very important for everyone especiallpeople with severe asthma - so this is a very good asthma story. More on my fitbit later.

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