Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Eyesight and asthma

I have to admit that my eyesight has really gone down hill lately. My main problem is that I am developing cataracts especially on my "good" right eye. People of my age do often get cataracts but people taking prednisone are more prone to getting them - so that is the asthma connection. I have also developed astigmatism which I never had before. 

For many years I  dealt with my declining eyesight using wonderful multi-vision contacts. However they are no longer useful -  I cannot make out detail whether close or far. They were convenient for painting, gardening, walking, cooking (with readers nearby) but impossible for driving. I tried a new prescription of progressive glasses to replace them - but could not get over the distortion. In fact my optometrist tried 4 different progressive layouts - but none worked for me.

In the end I got some new readers and new distance glasses. The first time I used my new distance glasses I felt like I was in the Imax with 3D glasses - everything felt hyper real. They are great for walking and OK for gardening. I have yet to get up the courage to try driving. They are not any good for painting or computers. My readers only allow me to read at a distance of 12 inches which pretty close. They certainly do not work for computers, cooking, painting, etc. either.

So - I am now getting a third pair of glasses for intermediate distance. I am looking forward to these as I hope I will be able to read some stuff - if I hold a bit away from me - so won't be tied to the 12 inches now allowed by my readers. How am I doing this on my computer? I have my laptop on top of a stack of books with the screen 12 inches from nose and I am typing on the keyboard way below. I increased my font and went to Helvetica which seems most readable. 

My new problem is managing all these glasses. I've tried hanging a pair around my neck and wearing a pair - but this is prone to paint and food getting in the hanging pair. I've tried having one pair in a soft case in my pocket - which limits me to clothes with pockets. I am OK with 2 sets. What happens with the third set? 

I put in the picture of the jelly fish which I took at the Vancouver Aquarium a few weeks ago. Are they not spectacular! Perhaps they can help with my current painting which is not going at all well. People get cataracts, life goes on - jelly fish are taking over the ocean!

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