Monday, August 1, 2016

BC Day - Feeling Good

Today is BC Day - August 1, 2016. A lovely sunny but coolish day. My breathing is very good and I am feeling fine. We spent the last few weeks RVing, boating and running our "granny day care" for our 2 youngest grandsons. We had a ton of fun with them - both at our place and their house. A highlight - their swimming pool. I gradually got into swimming and would like to do more - though I hate the burning of the chlorine. My last attempt to swim at our local pool (a few months ago) resulted in a very unexpected asthma attack - exercise-induced I guess. It scared me as I have never experienced that type of attack before. I realize I will need to be careful in a public pool - but sure enjoyed Rob's lovely backyard beauty. The kids went swimming 3 times a day and their improvements were amazing.

I have now taken sporanox for 6 weeks - the only side effects seem to have been a higher energy level (though maybe that is the result of the cure), better sleep, a bit of constipation (finally fixed by eating bran buds at bedtime) and a slight feeling of bobbing and shakiness - maybe because I am pushing myself more than I could in the pas - maybe because of the swimming and boating. I've had 2 blood tests so my liver must be coping OK.

I have gained about 4 lbs - I've been eating a lot compared to when I was sick. Back then I did not have the energy to eat a normal amount of food. I got pretty gaunt and lost a lot of muscle. My friend with COPD is dealing with that now - and has become excessively thin. I do not want to gain much more weight unless I know for sure it is muscle.Today I did weight training and used 8 lb weights - doesn't sound impressive but is my maximum weight for 15 reps right now. Hopefully I can build up to at least 10 lbs fairly soon.  I also did major work on our garden pond and set up my new "fitbit."

The fitbit is intended to replace my pedometer and encourage me to get lots of regular exercise - at least 10000 steps per day. It does have a clock face so I will wear it instead of my watch. The amazing thing is that I am setting it up myself - not asking Mike to do it. This is actually a major step since, when I am sick, I can't think clearly or calmly when I try to deal with technology - but today I can. . Right now my fitbit is charging - so I won't get any real results until tomorrow. .

I see Dr. Javer on August 16 - the last day of my sporanox. I am wondering what will happen when I stop taking it.  Will I just get sick again? Although i know I have an allergy-like reaction to fungus I don't know how the sporanox fits in. Fungus is always amongus so what happens when I don't take it?

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