Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A cold coming on?

So it is the end of August and I seem to have a cold coming on.  I hope this is not a big deal. Mainly I am quite hoarse and my right ear is effused and probably infected. The carotid artery sometimes pulses away and I am a bit deaf. Some crud came out so I hope I am on the mend.

I also have an infected tooth - on the right upper side at the back - pretty close to my ear. I saw the dentist yesterday and am on penicillin. He said my tooth problem is not related to my ear problem - though I think the pain in my cheek could actually be more from the tooth than my ear. Of course it could also be my right sinus - since the pain - though mild -  actually feels as if it is behind my right eye.  Tomorrow I see my dentist again. I'm not sure what he will do - I guess I need a filling or something. The tooth challenge is that I need to keep it in case I need to have my 'bridge" redone. Or I could get a couple of implants. On Saturday i see my dentist's son who is a periodontist and may have some ideas about the whole thing. Piffle. This is making me dopey.

When I saw my sinus doc a couple of weeks ago, my sinuses were perfect and I cut back my sporanox (anti-fungal) to one pill a day. However, my peak flow had dropped down a few days before and I started getting a little phlegmy - so after a week I got his approval to take 2 sporanox per day again - at least while I was on my RV trip. Since I am not better, I emailed him yesterday and confirmed I should keep on taking 2 - at least until I see him and/or my asthma doc. Has the sporanox lost its magic?

On the family front - my poor 17 year old grandson is having a very bad time. He had a fairly major sinus surgery at the end of July - to fix his broken nose and also deal with his ongoing sinus disease. After he got the stints out, he seemed fine. Unfortunately things went off track. He started to feel really sick while we were visiting -  a lot of nasal discharge, headaches, coughing and then diarrhea. At first it was thought he had strep. Then it was thought he was getting whooping cough - because an unvaccinated friend of his had been suffering from from whooping cough for a month and others were catching it from him, Then it was discovered he had a "c difficile" infection (hard to treat) plus a fairly easy to treat sinus infection. He had probably had the c difficile since the surgery and maybe because of the antibiotics he took for the surgery. It is scary. He has been getting IV antibiotics at his local hospital for the past 4 days. I do not know the news today.

My daughter (his mom) is not OK either. Her sinuses have not got completely better - though the blue light therapy seems to have killed off the bad bioifilm. We came home a couple of days early from our RV trip so we could offer a bit of moral support. That was actually good for me because it gave  me the chance to see my dentist and my cold really did not start until we got home. Piffle. Double piffle. 

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