Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I'm Fixed!

This is day 5 of sporanox. Despite warnings from the pharmacist that I would feel dozey  - maybe even too dozey to drive - I am actually feeling very perky and energized - optimistic even. It's almost acting like an anti-depressant. Not that I was depressed - but I now feel like my old self - back in the days when I never got tired.

Yesterday I saw my asthma doc. His respiratory therapist did the usual tests and found that my lungs are 101% of normal. 101%! Better than normal!

My doc didn't reduce my meds as I had thought he might and I need to keep on taking sporanox for 2 months. I'm scheduled for another blood test in a month to make sure my liver is ok. My guess - I'll keep on taking anti-fungals for a long time. We'll see.

I will  have exacerbations in the future - like the one I had in March - probably brought on by a virus. But I now have the means of getting back to normal without a big panic. 

My New Action Plan: 
  • My new normal maximum peak flow is 450. 
  • If I drop down to a maximum pf of 350, I take azithromycin. 
  • At 200, I take 50 mg  prednisone for a week with a long tapering down period. 
  • If my sinuses or my ears get inflamed, I take pulmicort twice a day for a week. 
The overall picture is that all my issues are reactions to fungus. I do not have a fungal infection - just a sort of allergic reaction because the fungus does not move out. (Why? I don't know. Sick cilia? I don't know.) My reaction to fungus can be calmed by symbicort and pulmicort on a regular basis and, when exacerbated, azithromycin, more pulmicort and  prednisone. Xolair also helps keep things calm. 

So - I can go in the garden and walk in the forest. I can even go on international trips - just take my action plan meds with me and don't worry. Yippee! I am fixed! I'm free! I'm not afraid!

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