Saturday, June 18, 2016


I was able to see my sinus doc yesterday when he was checking Elspeth.

Elspeth still had some goop in her sinuses though much less than last week. He flushed her sinuses anyway and said she should have another blue light therapy in a couple of weeks. Not good - not terrible. A bit of a bummer.

For me - once again he saw fungus in my sinuses. The inflammation and gunk was less than Tuesday - due to the 2 doses per day of pulmicort. However, my ears seem to be even more effused than before. To me effusion means my hearing is poor and I feel a sensation like the sides of my head are stuffed with cotton baton. I cannot "pop my ears" (equalize pressure)  no matter how I try. Effusion is usually not painful - but annoying and worrying because it means something not good is going on. He looked in my ears and could see my eardrums were stretched and, I think, there was fluid behind them. I am also itchy - though a bit less than Tuesday.

I explained that I had finished my 7 month fluconazole prescription, from my asthma doc for candida found to be growing in my lungs, fairly close to the time these symptoms had started. Mike had wondered if there was any connection. In other words, did fungus come back because I had stopped antifungal medication? I guess he thought that was possible - he prescribed a new and stronger antifungal called sporanox. It is in the same family as fluconazole and is called itraconazole. Because it is stronger, it may be harmful to the liver. But, because I have taken fluconazole with no side-effects, I am likely to tolerate this new medication just fine. I had a blood test at St. Paul's to check my liver enzymes before we left.

We drove to the ferry and missed the 5:20 to Nanaimo because it was already full. We had to wait outside the ticket booths until the 5:20 was loaded - then we got through to the 6:50 line-up. Elspeth, heading for Langdale, also missed her ferry because it was full. She had to wait until 7:50 - a long wait for someone on the way home from seeing their specialist. She only got through the ticket booth about the time we were beginning to load - so we didn't have tea with her at the Good Karma cafe. The reason the ferries are full is because it's Friday evening and tourists and weekenders are leaving the mainland for the charms of Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast.  You can't really make a reservation ahead of time because you don't know when you'll get back to the ferry.Today we had to wait a long time to get into see our doc. Other times we get in super fast.

Once on the boat we were a bit annoyed to see that the cars were not pulling up to 24 inches behind the one ahead. People were leaving big gaps and reducing the number of vehicles that could get on board. Oh well, they were tourists and didn't know better. We got a sandwich and an asian wrap and sat down to read. There were tourists wearing red tee shirts with "Canada "in big white letters on the front. Elspeth sent Mike a text saying "I unreasonably hate tourists." Mike answered "They don't follow the 24 inch rule," . She replied "May they all choke on their asian wraps and iced coffee." Mike responded "And may they spill it on the Canada tee shirts." The text banter cheered us all up. 

Finally in Nanaimo at a little after 9 pm, we went to the pharmacy and picked up the Sporanix. Things to watch out for - pain in the upper abdomen (liver) and dark urine. Nausea is pretty common  It also can make you a little more dopey than normal - plus all the other terrible things most medications can do. I took the first dose this morning at breakfast and so far so good. Of course I am not suddenly better - in fact I'm more deaf than ever if my conversations with Mike are any indication.  Hopefully some good effect will have happened by Tuesday when I go back to Vancouver to see my asthma doc.

It's raining a lot - too much for an enjoyable dog walk. We are invited to a barbeque near Chemainus tonight. I think it will be cold and wet so better dress warmly. 

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