Monday, June 20, 2016


I am definitely feeling better than I was a few days ago. My most annoying complaints were itchiness and deafness-effusion. These have both improved - though not gone away completely.  Possibly the sporanox is helping. Or maybe I would have been getting better without it. Fortunately I don't seem to have any scary side-effects from the sporanox. In fact I think I am less loopey (rather than more so).

I had  enough energy and enthusiasm yesterday to make a lot of art cards and am happy with the results - no borders - much cooler. The one above is "After Christmas."

Tomorrow is my appointment with my asthma specialist in Vancouver. My peak flow never dropped throughout my recent "fungal attack" - so I don't think it got into my lungs. He said previously that we would set up some tests after tomorrow's appointment to see if anything has changed. Since I had blood tests on Friday (for the sporanox) , we may be a bit ahead of schedule. The result may be that I can eventually cut back on some meds - especially if they are not doing much good and/or causing side effects. .

This morning I bought 3 new pairs of running shoes and a new pink hi-vis running jacket. They're all for walking - not running. Maybe buying that many shoes sounds a bit loopy - but I often can't find anything. So when I found all those beautiful and comfortable shoes - orange, pink and blue - I decided to buy them all. I will look really active when I see my asthma guy tomorrow.

We have a NAPA meeting at 4 pm PDT today. I am ready but will take the dog on good walk first - right now.

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