Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Allergic to fungus

I saw my sinus doc in Vancouver yesterday. I had not been feeling well so was glad that yesterday was my regular 2 month check up.  I was itchy as well as having a bit of phlegm, deafness (caused by effusion.) and some aches and pains (maybe caused by doing weight training.)

He looked into my sinuses with his camera and said he saw fungus. Since I had my eyes shut, I did not see what was showing on the screen so don't know what fungus looks like. His diagnosis was that my sinuses are basically in good shape but I am having a reaction to the fungus. I don't have a fungal infection - just a reaction.

He suggested I had picked the fungus up in the forest or working in the garden.  Those are things I do almost every day so I'm sure he's right. In fact, where we live is pretty much a garden in a forest since there are many firs and maples on our property - some very large. So - no walking in the forest or gardening at least for a few days.

This is beautiful Linley Valley - just up the road - where I often go walking. I definitely will go there again - but not until this reaction goes away or some other cause is found. I do wonder if finishing the fluconazole (an anti-fungal) at about the same time the reaction started has anything to do with what is going on. Time will tell. I'm not so itchy today and my peak flow is still very good.  Lucky the beach is not too far away and the dog is happy to walk anywhere I take her.

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