Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 4 - Going to Toronto

Here it is - the day before we go to Toronto for the Asthma Society's conference called "Fighting for Breath." I am happy to say that my asthma symptoms are totally fine. I realize it is about 6 weeks since I took prednisone and that is how long a burst has lasted in the past - but I'm hoping I will stay fine from now on. Maybe forever. Who knows - that is the challenge of asthma - it is so unpredictable. Yes, you get hints when it is starting but you never know when that will be. I think i had another migraine a couple of days ago. The Axert seemed to work. I hope that doesn't become a regular occurrence. apparently if you have asthma you are more likely to get lots of migraines - nasty thought,

We are flying to Toronto by West Jet - flying out of Cassidy at 6 am tomorrow morning, I hate getting up early so we have been preparing by going to bed before 10 for the past few nights. I must be in bed by 9 tonight. I am pretty much packed and am only taking the bare minimum. Not even any extra drugs - It's Toronto - what could go wrong.

Not so Fort McMurray which is experiencing a terrible wildfire. Everyone - 88,000 people-  had to leave town with hardly any warning. It's only May but it's so hot and dry with strong winds that the fire is just rampaging through the town - climate change hitting hard right where the fossil fuels are being extracted. Poor people. Thank goodness Rob wasn't there.

Once we get to Toronto, I will be attending the NAPA Meeting on Friday. It will be interesting to see everyone again. We are doing something with our asthma stories to help spread the word  about asthma. I wrote my story weeks ago and think it is good. It is cheerful, to the point, and 600 words long. Hope this all works.

On Saturday Mike and I will attend the Conference. I am on a panel with another patient and 2 doctors. We have to introduce ourselves and  then a moderator will lead us through discussion about such issues as why it's difficult for people to take medication, etc. Seems a little dull.  I have rewritten my introduction about 6 times and it never seems right, I want to be serious but upbeat and touch on at least a few of the issues.


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