Thursday, April 7, 2016

Asthma and Migraine

The migraine aura faded away after about half an hour but then a headache slowly crept in. Behind my right eye hurt; the right side of my head hurt; when I coughed a bit, my head hurt even more. I took some advil. The headache didn't really go away. In fact I'm not sure it has completely gone yet - two days later. Since it was never excruciating, I wouldn't have thought it was a migraine if it hadn't been for the aura. It seemed to spread to my back and shoulders so maybe it turned into a regular tension headache.

I did discover that there is a connection between migraines and asthma. I had never heard that before. Not good news. I have had migraines and auras in the past - but not for at least 10 years.  Also, I never had a headache after an aura and I never had an aura before a severe vomiting migraine. Both events were pretty rare.

According to WebMD many people including children have both. "Both disorders... involve similar changes inside the body. In asthma, the airways narrow and restrict airflow, and there is inflammation of the airway linings. During migraines, there is inflammation along with narrowing and widening of blood vessels." 

The worst news - a sure sign one should not consult the Internet with medical questions - is that if you have asthma and rare migraines, you have an increased risk statistically of getting a lot of migraines - 15 a month.  Apparently the medications for each condition  can make the other condition worse so there is no easy solution.

This I do not need! Asthma is bad enough when its painless but this time, with the whatever happened to my ribcage causing really bad pain when I coughed for the first week and now maybe a related migraine, it has been quite painful. I did email my sinus doc and told him the whole story - but he doesn't usually reply to emails (except when he prescribed the prednisone from Saigon) so I'm not sure what to do as far as doctors go. Wait and see - I guess.

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