Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pain still severe

This is just a big complaint. I am on the 6th day of a 50mg per day prednisone burst and I seem to have hit a bad spot - mainly due to the fact that I have damaged my ribcage in some way and it hurts when I expand my ribs. I just had an unexpected cough caused by water going down the wrong way when I was taking my azithromycin and the jab of shooting pain in my right side was like a dagger into my side. I know something is torn or broken and it is scary.

I shouldn't complain too much. I know I can cough in a controlled way to get rid of phlegm if I use my lung flute. I can lavage to clear my sinuses and prevent postnasal drip. I can poop without much pain now that I am taking 2 cups of metamucil per day. But unanticipated coughs - even little ones - are truly awful. I should see someone about it - but it is Easter Sunday and I am certainly not going to Emergency. I'll try to see my GP next week since my sinus doc emailed he will leave it to my asthma doc and my asthma doc has not replied. He is still on vacation and says he usually doesn't answer emails though he always reads them. I think I should make an appointment to see him too when he gets back to St Paul's.

On a happier note. My peak flow is gradually going up and not too hard to take. Hit 325 this afternoon which used to be my green zone. Now I think I really need to get to 370 to be tiptop. Maybe I am actually there but given my timidity about expanding my lungs completely I can't quite blow it out. I had a really good sleep last night (thanks to zopiclone which doesn't always work that well) and finished my book on the English in Iraq 1914-21. My grandfather was a soldier there so it was interesting - though of course he was just one of the British troops from India - but one of the lucky ones who got home again, without any injuries. Now I'm reading about taxation in Canada - a bit dry but informative. I believe in the importance of tax-supported services and wonder why we seem to forgotten the link between services and taxation. This book is giving a lot more detailed information. It even mentioned national pharmacare at one point.

One more day of prednisone - so what happens then? Probably keep on improving my breathing but maybe get a little down emotionally. After that? Hopefully no more unexpected coughs and gradual healing of whatever it is that's hurting. I actually put the pork roast in the slow cooker myself this morning so Mike got a bit of a break and we will have a nice Easter dinner.

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