Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Not better yet

Second day after prednisone and not better yet. In fact, a bit worse than yesterday as far as energy, balance and being "with it" goes. Don't think I will even attempt a walk with the dog. I guess it is the "down"  that comes after prednisone - even though it theoretically shouldn't happen after a one week burst. 

I haven't been able to blow a good peak flow yet today - maybe later in the afternoon.  My rib cage still hurts when I cough up phlegm and there's still a fair bit.  I still need to lavage my sinuses to clear them out. In other words I still have a cold.

I got my Xolair injection this morning - seemed OK but I don't think it helped in any immediate sense.

Also picked up my glasses (progressives) which the optometrist has been trying to make work for me for about a month - 3 tries to get the lenses right. I always feel unsteady with progressives - so trying a new prescription today probably set me back a bit. I'm back wearing my contacts which give me much better vision and proprioception (balance and knowing where I begin and end.) Yes - I think the visit to the optometrist was ill-advised. Even a lie-down afterwards didn't restore me.

I'm only writing this to point out that prednisone is not a complete and immediate cure to an asthma exacerbation. However, doing a little self-analysis and reasoning is helpful.  It's sunny today.

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