Monday, March 21, 2016


Things have progressed since yesterday - but I think I'm doing the right things and will eventually get back to "normal."

I decided last evening that unless I made a marvelous recovery this morning I would follow my revised Action Plan today.  My old Action Plan was that if my peak flow dropped below 200 for a day and I had other out-of-breath symptoms I would go to my GP for prednisone. At that time, my highest dreamed for top peak flow was about 410 - so 200 was roughly 50%. Now my peak flow frequently gets into the 400s and my specialist gives me prednisone when I'm still in the high 200s. He also says not to let things get out of hand. So I figure my new red zone is about 280. In other words, if I don't get into the 300s I am in trouble. I think I have his agreement on this.

So - my highest pf yesterday was 240 - no matter how hard I tried to blow.  called for an appointment with my GP today but he is away on vacation for a week and no other doctor was available until tomorrow. My asthma guy at Pacific Lung in St. Paul's is on a trip to Vietnam. So Mike and I kicked my Action plan into action.

  • I got a fresh prednisone prescription last week - to take on our trip to Toronto and east. I took 6 tablets - 30 mg - at breakfast. 
  • I also took my 2nd-to-last Teva Trimel, my Symbicort. and Spiriva. 
  • Then I called Xhale to cancel my take-away Xolair and restore my appointments here in Nanaimo for April 27 and May 25. 
  • I called my sinus doc's office and got an appointment for tomorrow. I know my sinuses are still involved although my asthma is more worrying. Elspeth is worried that my so-called cold virus is actually a new bout of my mysterious and nasty bacteria so I'm dealing with that possibility. 
  • I called Pacific Lung and told my Respiratory Therapist about what I was doing. She said she thought the 3 week prescription should have dealt with the bacteria - but it was good I was going to my sinus doc and I should ask him to take a sample of my sputum as well as my nasal phlegm to see if the bacteria had infected my lungs.
  • I emailed NAPA that I would be flying to the conference in May - not RVing.
  • I called Elspeth to update her 
  • Mike emailed Rob and Josie that we wouldn't be going to Vancouver for Spring Break. 
  •  Mike drove me to Pharmasave and I signed a form that said I was going on extended trip and so needed all the medications (12 Symbicorts, etc) he had picked up for me 2 days before. Of course I told the pharmacist the trip was cancelled but he can't re-issue the drugs - so I can just use them anyway. (The main reason that the trip won't be resurrected is that my Medoc travel insurance will not cover me for asthma if I have taken prednisone 90 days before. )
 So here I am - not feeling too good or too bad and hoping for the best.

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