Tuesday, March 22, 2016

In the Zone Again

Today I went to Vancouver to see my sinus doc. On the way over I got an email from my asthma doc who is in Saigon. He said to increase the prednisone to 50 mg per day for a week. Since I had some 5 mg tablets with me, I took 20 mg on the ferry.

My sinus doc and his Fellow checked my sinuses and found very little phlegm or inflammation. Since my latest infection started while I was taking Teva Trimel, and there is now no sign of it, I probably don't have the bad bacteria anymore. They saw some fungus in my sinuses that is not responding to the fluconazole. They managed to get a tiny nasal sample. I will try to do a sputum tomorrow.  However, despite how much it hurts when I cough,  not much is coming up right now. They don't expect any bacteria will show up from either culture. We'll see.

My asthma doc also offered to prescribe azithromycin which has benefit to some people with asthma - but not because of its antibiotic properties. I tried it a couple of years ago and it did not make much difference. However my asthma wasn't too bad then - so I emailed back and said I  would try it. Hopefully he will still have connectivity when he gets my message.

My latest hypothesis is that what I have is a classic asthmatic reaction to a rhinovirus. In other words, I think that I did catch a regular cold after the bacteria had cleared up and then had a really bad asthma exacerbation - down by about 50% in 4 days. Rhinovirus is a fairly common cause of asthma exacerbations (50% of adults and 80% of kids with asthma exacerbations have a rhinovirus). I believe it has happened to me several times in the past - though not as rapidly. In those instances my exacerbation literally lasted for years. Hopefully not this time. The big prednisone dose and Xolair should help.

So I'm in the zone again and hoping to feel much better and super-hyper in a day or 2.

A happy note - my art teacher phoned and offered to arrange to have me take a class in April to replace the one I missed last week. Also - lovely flowers from Elspeth, such good care and chaufeurring from Mike, and other happy family news. (Oops is euphoria already setting in?)

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