Monday, March 28, 2016

Final 50 mg today

Today is the last day for my 50 mg of prednisone burst. A weird thing happened. I put the tablet on my placemat to take with breakfast coffee - but when I went to take it, it wasn't there. I searched everywhere - even swept the kitchen floor with a handbrush - but it didn't turn up. I was worried that if the dog found it and ate it she would probably die. Not that I really think she is daft enough to eat a bad tasting pill when she loves carrots but won't eat parsnips. Anyway I have searched everywhere without success so have to conclude I took it with my first sip of coffee without noticing. This sometimes happens with symbicort e.g. when I intend to take 4 puffs, then do something else like brush my teeth, and don't remember if I've taken it or not. The way my body is shaking and the blood vessels are poking up out of my hands seems to confirm I took it.

The thing about this prednisone tablet is that it is actually # 8 because I took my first 30 mg tablet last Monday. Since a normal dose is 5-7 I was having some worries about taking it. What happens next? Anyway what's done is done. The clinic is not open today - being Easter Monday - and I don't want to go to the walk-in Clinic just for someone to give me a bear hug and say I don't have cracked ribs. I'll just stay the course.

Other things are working OK. Not much of a peak flow yet - only 220 - but I am still afraid to really blow hard in case I cough
- so hopefully better reading this afternoon. It is a lovely spring day and I am going outside.

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