Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Eat meat for nausea?

This is day 8 out of 21 of my Teva Trimel prescription and I think I have mostly gotten over the nausea.
When I wrote my sinus doc about my nausea, he said I was doing everything right and to stay the course. My new cure - eat meat at every meal - chicken, ham, smoked oysters.... also cheese is good.. I got this idea because, even when I was persistently nauseated, I felt at my best after dinner. My new theory: Meat protein stays in your stomach longer than bread or crackers or yogurt. Thus it dilutes the medication. As we all know "the solution to pollution is dilution!"  I also also think the medicine is now working - so I am feeling generally better,  more energetic, less headachey. Phew!

However, we are not going to Montreal because Elspeth is also sick and on another antibiotic - cefurxine for a month. So we have cancelled.

Instead Mike is planning a big RV trip across North America starting in April. The idea is to get to Toronto for the May 6-7 Asthma Conference, continue our travels in May, and be home in June for next asthma appointment. If I am doing OK, I will be able to reduce my other medications a bit.

A couple of years ago we RV'ed all the way across Canada  to St John's Newfoundland (and back). It was a good trip - 16,000 km in about 2 months - but it was fairly exhausting and my asthma was a bit worse when we got back.  This trip would be in the US on one or two of the 2 lane highways that cross the continent. Best known is Route 66 but there are others. There is lots on the internet about people RVing around the US fulltime - so why not us for a couple of months? Coincidentally the KOA catalogue arrived today with info on Kampgrounds all over the US. My travel insurance is no longer restricted since I have not taken prednisone recently.

I guess I should email both the docs to ask what they think.

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