Thursday, March 3, 2016

Darn it - have a weird bacteria!

A couple of days ago, the sinus docs emailed me the results of my sinus culture from last week. I have a relatively rare bacteria with an extremely long name that I can't pronounce let alone remember.  So now I am on a potent sulpha drug that should clear it up. My muscles have been feeling sore and flu-ish (I guess from the bacteria) and the drug makes me feel nauseated and I burp for a couple of hours after I take it - but I am confident it will make me get better.

On Tuesday (after picking up the sulpha prescription) Mike and I took the ferry to Vancouver and went to St Paul's to see my asthma doc for my regular appt. My pulmonary function test was at 86% - up to 95% after ventolin - so this is very good news. I am improving. He said that once I get over the bacteria and the candida, we can start cutting back on my other medications. Maybe in June. He also commented that it was no wonder I need a sleep aid - given all the symbicort I take. I know it makes me hyper but usually in a good way. It would be nice to take a little less..

Yesterday, after I got my Xolair injection, we went back to Vancouver to accompany Elspeth to her sinus appointment. Her left maxillary sinus had improved but was not perfect. She was suctioned, washed out and had special gel medicine shot up into her sinuses. The doc told her that she was the kind of patient who needed to get regular attention so things don't go sideways again. The plan is that she will go in to St Paul's every two weeks to have her sinuses washed out. Because her celia don't work - her body simply cannot do it without help.  This seems pretty onerous - but she has been going in about twice a month for various infections anyway - so this will be preventative. I think it's good news. Our doc also mentioned another patient who had been going in every two weeks for the same reason for 16 years. This is a longterm project.

At the same appointment the docs looked into my sinuses and decided to give me another week of the sulpha drug - a total of 3 weeks - because it is a nasty bug. I'm sort of glad I don't know the name of the bacteria because I can't look it up and really freak myself out. Weird. I don't know why I got it.

This was a pretty medical post. Other news - I'm going to be on a panel at the Asthma Society's Conference in May in Toronto - talking about my experiences with asthma. Should be interesting.

I need a picture to lighten this up. Here I am in my parents' garden swing with Elspeth (when she was about four) and little Robbie (now Rob)  was about one.

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