Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bad cold

On my last post, I was 8 days through the Teva Trimel and thinking I had overcome the nausea. Unfortunately this turned out not to be true. I did have a few days where eating meat and cheese seemed to help but most days were not that good and I felt plain sick. Like today. I kept on believing that nausea was just an unavoidable side effect and I needed the drug. I tried to convince myself that I wasn't actually being poisoned - though I felt I was.

Then - kaboom - I suddenly got a really awful cold last week. My sinuses had been very congested and gluey to I decided to do a lavage. Seemed OK - dripped for a bit. But then it turned into a truly nasty first phase cold - constant nasal discharge almost faster than I could keep a dry kleenex in my pocket. I worked in the garden anyway - because the weather had turned sunny and we are still planning to take this big RV trip to the Eastern US.. Weeds - especially the bitter cress - were flowering everywhere. Once they go to seed, they spray their tiny seeds everywhere - so I wanted to get them out while they were still in flower. Weeds are a lot bacteria and viruses if you think about it. One tiny plant can produce  enough seeds to totally cover the garden in a couple of years.

A couple of days have gone by and my nose is no longer running.  But my cold seems to have progressed  to my chest. I have phlegm in my lungs which is hard to cough out. My back and chest hurt when I cough and there is a raspy sound. My peak flow is low. Yesterday the highest I could get it was 310. Usually I get above 400. Today it might be worse - only 200 so far - but maybe higher this afternoon. Also nausea and tiredness and a bitter taste in my mouth and dry lips - but mainly worry about what to do next. I do have prednisone but what if this phase of the cold passes like it would with a normal person and I'm fine in a couple of days?

Dr. Dorscheid is away on vacation and it is Sunday so I can't see Dr. Bland. I could go to the Sunday clinic and see a doctor who doesn't know any more about this problem than I do. Dr. Javer said to contact him on Monday and he would see me a False Creek on Tuesday - but my sinuses are not bad. It really is the pain I feel in my back and chest when I cough. Does that mean I have pneumonia? I don't have temperature. And darn it I was planning to go to Vancouver next week for spring break with Henry and Charlie and now I probably can't. Also it was my birthday yesterday.

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