Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Day 3 of prednisone and already improving. Peak flow up to 255 this afternoon.

Also started azythromycin which helps some people with asthma -  I think by reducing inflammation more than from its antibiotic properties. I took 2 prescriptions about 2 years ago when my asthma was pretty good (in the 300s) and it didn't make any difference. But asthma doc suggested it, sinus doc prescribed it, pharmacist filled it, Blue Cross paid for it and Mike picked it up - so being a very compliant patient I took my first dose at lunch.

Speaking of which, my meds now are:
  • Symbicort - 4 puffs 4 times a day 
  • Spiriva - 2 puffs in am
  • Pulmicort - 1 nebule into sinuses at bedtime
  • Prednisone - 50 mg for 5 more days
  • Azythromycin - 500 mg for 20 more days 
  • Fluconazole - 4 tabs per day until end of June
  • Xolair - every 28 days - next one March 30

I am feeling slightly nauseated and getting edgy - not so euphoric as yesterday - but extremely optimistic that this will all get me back to where I should be.

I posted this photo on Instagram (paint4fun):

It is my chart as of today showing how my peak flow started to drop on St Patrick's Day but now is climbing back up. I even added 2 hashtags  #livingwithasthma #asthma management. I don't really know much about how hashtags work but thought if I want to effectively encourage others to deal with their asthma I should be a bit more tech savvy.

I also did a post on my Facebook account  (penny.grant.902) about what is happening - again to encourage others to take care of their asthma with a good Action Plan and self-advocacy and to promote the  Fighting for Breath Severe Asthma Conference. in Toronto in May. I discovered a Twitter hashtag #fight4breath so I will start doing Twitter!

Just to remind myself that my whole life is not about asthma - here is a picture of some of my "yellow paintings" on the wall of our dining room.

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