Friday, February 19, 2016

Family Sinuses

On Wednesday we met Elspeth and Brendan in Park Royal to go to see the sinus doc at St. Paul's. Poor Elspeth had suddenly developed problems with her sinuses the week before. This was only 3  weeks after being found to be 100% OK.  Her left maxillary (cheek) sinus had inflammation and pus, etc. - but a culture had not turned up anything. By this Wednesday the infection had spread to the other side and frontal (forehead) sinuses. More cultures were taken but as of today - Friday - nothing has turned up. They washed out her sinuses and put in medication. I have had my sinuses washed out and it's like having a fire hose put up your nose.

The doc doesn't want to give her a prescription until he has evidence about what is causing the problem. I looked up fungal sinus infections on the internet (to find out how to spell maxillary) and, of course, freaked out with what I found.  It is very worrying and she is now off work for a few weeks. I am letting out my worries by writing this.

I phone her a couple of times each day to try to cheer her up. Next week Mike and I are going to go over to the Sunshine Coast on Tuesday with our trailer and take her to her Wednesday appointment at St. Paul's and then home again. That is - as long as she doesn't have a emergency this weekend. She looks very drawn and is very tired but is willing to chat on the phone and seems clear-headed - so hopefully it not really bad.

Deciding to take her to her appointment next week threw off my Xolair schedule. The only option was to delay it by a week. Now that I am thinking of it I think I should email Dr. Doscheid to make sure this is OK - or to see if I can get an injection at St. Paul's on Wednesday when I'm there with Elspeth.. Surely they have a Xolair clinic there - though the scheduler who changed my appointment couldn't find it online.

The good news is that Brendan's sinus problem is clearly a broken nose which probably happened when he was a baby and it can be fixed with surgery - which he will likely have in the summer. The other bad news is that Elspeth probably won't be well enough to go to Montreal at Spring Break - so that plan may have to be cancelled. But mainly - I just hope she soon gets back to normal.

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