Friday, January 22, 2016

Oh oh - phlegm

Here it is the middle of January. I am still feeling well and have good pfs but I am coughing up phlegms during the morning. It started about a week ago - one little cough. Then each day - more coughs and more phlegms.  Now, every day there is a bit more yellowish phlegm.

Plus - my ears are feeling  blocked and I my left ear doesn't hear well.  Mike had me do a hearing test on his smart phone and it showed that I could not hear the high pitch sounds - especially with my left ear.  I'm always saying  "What did you say?" "Let's turn up the sound on the TV."  I didn't do that in December. I guess my ears are effused again (fluid in my inner ear).

I decided to write this blog because I have to figure out what is going on.  From December to mid-January I had absolutely no cough, my hearing was good, and I thought I was cured by the fluconazole.  I thought my candida was wiped out or at least subdued.  In fact I told people - "I am better!" I thought my blog had come to an end.

Now I'm not so sure. Maybe my lack of symptoms was just the result of the week of prednisone I took in December - not the fluconazole. Maybe the candida are not wiped out or had nothing to do with my asthma. In the past, deafness was often the first symptom that my asthma is becoming less well managed. Somehow, whatever was going on in my sinuses and ears gradually dripped down into my lungs. I hope this is not what is happening now.

On the other hand, it is possible that I just have debris in my outer ear (maybe dead candida) and maybe my phlegm is just normal postnasal drip. Apparently my polyps have returned. maybe they are the cause.

I'm going to see my sinus specialist in Vancouver on Monday. Hopefully he will have a helpful insight. I think I will email him to warn him that all is not quite right. My appointment has been scrunched in daughter and grandson's appointments. They both who have sinus issues but not asthma.

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