Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Day #7 of prednisone burst

Today was the last day of my 7 day prednisone burst. My symptoms are about the same as yesterday - a little bit of coughing and phlegm but a peak flow of over 400 and generally feeling good.

I went ice skating this morning. I was a little shakey from the prednisone - but I persevered and eventually got my balance well enough to skate round and round the rink for an hour. I got a lot of exercise and had a good time. Almost everyone who skates in the mornings is retired and hence over 55. Most of us complain about how hard it is to keep up our skill level let alone improve. I think it's the fear factor. We don't want to fall. However, I know it also improves balance because I can now stand on one foot considerably longer than I could a few weeks ago. (Yes, I do it in stores when I'm waiting to pay. No spirals though. Maybe one day.)

At our NAPA phone meeting yesterday one of the members mentioned she has asthma with tremors - almost like Parkinsons - caused by her asthma meds. This sounds really unpleasant.  I only get shakey  with prednisone. It's not something I ever associated with asthma before.

The other thing I do most days is paint with acrylics.  Here is a portrait I just finished. Everyone seems to like it so I am thrilled.

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