Monday, December 7, 2015

Day #6 - hit 400

Today I finally got my peak flow back up to over 400. The last time I got to this level was during my last fluconazole prescription. I am very happy to have made it. My phlegms seem to have turned much lighter and fewer - which is also a positive change.

I keep a chart of my peak flows. Here it is:

Although I think technique affects my peak flow reading - I also think that it is accurate enough to help me keep check on how my asthma is doing. I usually take a reading  3-4 times a day. I do at least 3 blows into the meter each time and record the highest number. I'm always much lower in the morning and  highest in the afternoon. I don't know why this is as it applies no matter how sick or well I am.  The zigzaggy line show the high and low for each day. You can see on the far right that I got over the 400 line. The short blue line below is my 7 day prednisone burst. The main thing the chart does is show trends.

I use a day planner to record when i take my meds and what my peak flow readings are. I transfer the info to the chart periodically. I take my chart with me when I see my specialist and he says it's helpful. I think it confirms the pulmonary function test done before my appointment. I highly recommend anyone with asthma keep a peak flow chart and use it to inform your action plan.

This morning I went ice-skating at the Nanaimo Ice Centre. I'm not a very good skater these days but I enjoy it. Our winters in Nanaimo are often rainy and dark - so skating in an indoor rink is a good way to get the exercise and socialize. Since I'm retired I can do pretty much whatever I want and skating is one of those things. I was less out of breath today than last week which was a very good thing.

I also participated in a National Asthma Patients Alliance phone meeting today. It was very well organized and run. No technical difficulties. Since I like to write, I offered to do a first draft of a revision to our Code of Conduct and Roles and Responsibilties.One of our big upcoming projects will be a Fair Pharmacare compaign - very important for everyone especially people with a chronic illness and lots of prescriptions.

Well, I haven't blogged about symbicort yet - but I will. I currently take 16 inhalations a day - so it is a big part of my managing my asthma.

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