Sunday, December 6, 2015

Day # 5

I was going to write about symbicort today - but will do that next time. Today I wanted to blog  about how I am doing with my current prednisone burst. Yesterday I felt like I didn't make much improvement. I still coughed. My peak flow (how much air I can blow out on my peak flow meter) did not go up and I didn't feel the slightest emotional high. It was so rainy and dark all day that I only went for a short walk (though I did do my bands workout and that was fine)  I think one of the reasons I didn't have a sense of an emotional high was that I didn't drink any coffee or tea that day. A daily cup of coffee at breakfast and tea at lunch gives more emotional punch to the prednisone - though I don't think it  makes it any more effective.

Today I had coffee and tea - and definitely felt hyper in the afternoon. I was energized but not in a totally good way. Even though it was another wet dark day I went for a half hour walk with lots of hills. Walking helped me calm down enough to work on a painting I am touching up. I like it now and hope it doesn't look too prednisonie when I finish this burst..

Today I was better than yesterday. My peak flow  was higher than it has been - though I still haven't made it to 400 - which is what I have come to think of as my new green zone.  Prior to being referred to my specialist at Providence I had seldom seen a peak flow of more than 400. So, after doing the math, my previous specialist  agreed that my green zone was just 320. My old red zone, when I needed to take prednisone, was 200. One whole day with a peak flow of under 200 activated the prednisone part of my action plan. It is hard to imagine how exhausted I was when my peak flow was that low. Coffee was pretty helpful then - it gave me a boost.

Two more prednisone days - I hope I hit 400 tomorrow. Then hopefully the fluconazole will kick in.

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